David Hekkers | Belgium

“This experience was very beneficial for me, I learned a lot about myself and it allowed me to meet a new challenge: to adapt myself in a new environment. I was very happy to have this experience and proud to have worked at Home for Cooperation. At the moment I write this report I live my last days in Cyprus. I will leave this organization located in a unique place as well as this beautiful island of Aphrodite with some sadness. It's time for me to face a new challenge.”


Alden Jacobs  | USA

"Home for Cooperation, how can I help you?” Almost every day I picked up the phone and, with a tune in my voice, asked this question. It was a lot of fun to help the projects unfold and a magnificent place to be an intern, undoubtedly beyond my expectations. A wonderful working environment, that full heartedly embraces their meaningful and palpable mission for peace. It’s one of those opportunities where you can just keep making it better and better. The team is open and welcoming to new ideas, enticing everybody’s full engagement. On a scale, I’d give it five stars and two thumbs up."

Adil Bay  | Cyprus

"One day I showed up assuming it would be a normal day, an hour later there was the 2 presidents of the island with UN officials and a dozen of representatives having a lunch next door."


Isabella Spehar - Seabra  | Canada

"It is wonderful working for the Home for Cooperation, I am able to use my skills and passions in order to best help H4C, and my favourite part was the media content I was able to create for the Home in order to help spread the word about all the projects and activities it is doing for Cyprus."




Phoebe Gruetter  | USA

"I have been working with the Home for Cooperation for about two months, and I am so grateful for all of the friendships and connections I have been able to make while here. Even though my stay in Cyprus will be short, I know my experience here has been incredibly valuable. I have assisted with a wide variety of tasks, including planning events, filling out applications, creating flyers and designs, and writing articles. Working here has allowed me to practice so many skills that I know will be useful in my future, and it has shown me a unique perspective through which to view this beautiful island."