The Buffer Fringe

Buffer Fringe Performing Arts Festival

8 - 11 November 2017

The programme of Buffer Fringe IV is ready! This year Buffer Fringe hosts 14 unique performances on both sides of the divide as well as the buffer zone in Nicosia. 


Buffer Fringe is a one of its kind performing arts festival organized by the Home for Cooperation, in and around the Nicosia buffer zone, Cyprus. The Buffer Fringe stands for artistic freedom and provides a space for experimental expression, creative excellence and learning opportunities for new artists.

Buffer Fringe ‘Main Stage’- local and international performances showcase alternative, multidisciplinary artworks that in their own right explore the artists’s  perspective or technique on aspects of space, body, identity or relationships.

Buffer Fringe ‘Shorts’- short performances from emerging or established artists who wish to test new ideas and showcase part of their work in an alternative ‘stage’. The ‘shorts’ present only a short part of their radical groundbreaking work challenging perceived limits of art forms, the preconceptions of art in society or us in society.

The festival challenges physical and artistic barriers, creates opportunities for artists to meet and exchange ideas. Buffer Fringe Festival favours innovative work, artists who take risks in their work and constantly look for new ways to express themselves.

The audiences have the opportunity to partake in all shows for free, thus making sure it is accessible to all irrespectively and increasing the chances for a more traditional audience to learn about avant-garde work.

Volunteers are an increasingly important part of the festival and we aim to keep offering opportunities to gain more skills in festival organizing but also experience being around creatives from around the world.

Collaboration with embassies and cultural institutions (French Institute, Cervantes Institute, Goethe Institute, Embassies of Norway, Poland, Spain, the Netherlands, Israel, Ireland etc) help us in reaching out to international artists, forging collaborations with international festivals and also involve the international community in Cyprus.

This year in an effort to bridge the gap between emerging and established artists we are organizing workshops for students of performing arts and other interested individuals offering them a variety of ways to experience the arts and to relate to the artists.


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